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With you to where this all began

Never fearing only hearing voices calling out


R A C H _ S G
Hey there, I'm Rachel. This is my LJ. I use it mainly to ramble, and to look at my Friends Page to find out what's the latest in icon-related fashion, friends, etc. Maybe someday I'll get around to making icons again. Comment to be added, since this will be a friends-only journal. Thanks and enjoy the ride! Please don't stick any appendages outside the window at any time. Kthx.
If you should take anything I make, from either this journal or another, please credit:

rach_sg or -
Please, also feel free to browse around sissy_icons as well.

So, I have a new icon journal now, rachsg_icons, but there's nothing there yet. Just to let you know :)

Credits: Check out my credits here
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