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18 August 2020 @ 07:57 pm

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19 May 2009 @ 07:22 pm
Should we just be handing over the car keys when kids turn 16? Why or why not?

It totally depends on the kid. Some people my age and younger are some of the best drivers I know. Some are also the worst drivers I know. As for myself, I found it impossible to learn how to drive when my mom was sitting in the passenger seat. After I got my real driver's license and was able to drive alone is when I really learned how to drive. That, and taking the actual driver's ed course. I've had my license for over two years now, and haven't even been pulled over (... knock on wood).

There are some people, like my band's dumbass singer who can't drive worth crap who should never get a license to drive. And who says that kids are the worst drivers, really? My grandma got remarried to this 83 year old guy who is a scary as hell driver. He has horrible vision and horrible hearing. What the hell are laws doing about senile people driving? Next to nothing.
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19 August 2008 @ 01:33 pm
Because I feel an icon spree coming on (squee), here's some credit, that I moved over from sissy_icons

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